Baglietto will organise training courses for the crews, which will include the following:

a. Crew training at the shipyard before official delivery of the craft, allowing the crew to familiarise with the boat, its handling, and the use of the various onboard systems. For the first craft, training has been planned for 2 people for 10 days.

b. Commissioning and complete training for two captains and two technicians, provided by two Baglietto engineers at the final destination of the first craft. Training will be provided over a period of 3 weeks, following official delivery of the first craft and after the latter has reached its final destination.

Sea trials

Sea trials

Upon completion of each boat, harbour and sea trials will be carried out for final acceptance. A detailed trial plan will be drawn up, including the following:

  • continuous maximum speed trial (minimum 1 hour):
  • continuous cruising speed trial (minimum 2 hours);
  • range test (with main engines equipment);
  • speed trials at various engine speeds;
  • crash stop;
  • turning circle test, measurement of tactical diameter;
  • acceleration trial.


Each craft, including all its equipment and systems, is covered by the shipyard’s warranty for a period of 12 months from the acceptance date at the shipyard itself.

Training courses will allow the final user to pilot the craft, manage it, and perform basic maintenance. In any case, the shipyard will provide all the assistance required during and after warranty through its after-sales service. If necessary, assistance may also be provided at the final user’s premises, sending the relevant spare parts and personnel at particularly favourable terms.

Basic spare parts will be supplied for each boat during the first year of service, considering approximately 1,000 hours of operation. A detailed list of the above spare parts will be drawn up by the shipyard once the boat configuration and outfitting have been defined After defining the final specifications of the boat, the shipyard will provide a long-term (5-10 years) plan of the necessary maintenance operations and expected management costs.



Hauling, ship launching, docking and substitution of sacrificial anodes.
Carpentry, metal and fiberglass work.
Steel and alloy repairing.
Mechanical repairing on all types of engines and transmissions.
Installations and maintenance of hydraulic and electric systems.
Installations and maintenance of electronic systems.
Anti-corrosion and anti-osmosis treatments.
Professional painting.
Restyling and repairing of interiors.



Corporate video