Landing Craft

Landing Craft


MNI landing craft is equipped with 18 outdoor seats  and  a 4.5 meter attack tender. Various weapon systems available.

It is a multi-purpose nautical platform, widely customizable both as regards the motor drive/propulsion, and the interior/exterior equipment.

Thanks to its 3 different propulsion options, Waterjet, Shaft Line & Stern Drive, the MNI 15 is suitable for sea and riverine navigation

    • The material used for the hull and the superstructure is an innovative 5083-H 128 aluminium alloy ideal for marine applications.
    • The high metal sheet cutting and assembly techniques implemented contribute to achieving a flawless surface finish and do not require the use of paint for exterior finishing.
    • The deep-V bottom has been designed to ensure great speed and outstanding manoeuvrability and seakeeping features.
    • The stealth shapes of the superstructure result in maximum visibility and minimum impact.
    • The interior layout can be optimised depending on the type of mission, allowing to remain at sea for at least one week.
    • A watertight hull door is located forward, under the main deck, for personnel embarkation / disembarkation. The door can even be opened while at sea, during manoeuvring, and even when moving at low speed, to recover any floating items).
    • Thanks to its limited size, this boat can be easily carried on board a parent ship and transported by road.